Thursday, September 07, 2006

Good morning.....Already Thursday, I can hardly believe how fast the week is going. Not that I mind. It's just that much closer to NEXT weekend when I can have a couple days off.

I tried doing different things to promote the t-shirt shop yesterday. It was all I could do pretty much. Yesterday was a very slow day. I think the slowest since I opened shop. I don't know if that was the case for everyone or just me. So I just signed up at some free sites for promotion.

Reading through some of these blogs i've also discovered other shops like CafePress. I've only checked out one, called Zazzle. I really liked their set up and how easy it is. I loved how you could place and resize your design on the t-shirt right on the site, it was so cool and easy. I've put up 3 designs on there so far. It was so easy, I figured why not. The more exposure the better. I haven't checked out the other places that were mentioned as of yet, not sure I will. I spend so much time dealing with my shop on CafePress, I can hardly imagine more. But Zazzle made it very easy and no "shop" to take care of, just upload your design and that's pretty much it.

The rest of the world is back to school today. YAY! This is Jacob's second week and NIck went back yesterday and everyone else today. It's going to be so quiet here at daycare with just the little ones, but SO NICE at the same time! I really need to promote my daycare too, I need more kids, especially if Trevor is going to be my partner in crime. MORE KIDS!

Well, that's the end of my blog today. I'm still getting use to this site and how it works.

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