Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is my first blog experience other than the ones I use on myspace. I'm hoping this generates some traffic to my t-shirt and gift shop.

We've been working on the shop and designs for not even a month yet. We've sold 3 t-shirts so far and that is very exciting! It's been very fun designing and learning all kinds of designing things and learning about HTML and all those codes too.

The 3 T-shirts we've sold thus far in order of the sale are as follows: Inspired by our Newfoundland Dog Shylie

http:// Strong Bitch

http:// Numero Uno

We've got lots of other designs too and we are always creating so you have to keep checking back to see more. Our shop URL is Be sure to come check it out! We have a lot of bodybuilding t-shirts and gifts, and a variety of other things that are of interest to us such as Newfoundland Dogs, girly stuff, scenic stuff, stuff for kids and a catagory of MISC stuff.

Well, That's it for my first blog. It's all I have time for now. The day in the life of a daycare provider is very busy!

Until next time....

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