Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well it's been quite a few days since I last posted a blog. They say that doing a blog creates traffic to your shop but I haven't seen it. I suppose you have to be patient with such things. Even a brick and mortor shop take quite awhile to get established, I shouldn't expect miracles here.

I'm adding new designs to the shop almost on a daily basis. So far it seems the best sellers are the ones having to do with bodybuilding, which initially, Trevor and I started the shop on that premise because we were often looking online for bodybuilding t-shirts and there's not a whole lot out there. So this is good, except i've really enjoyed doing dome girly stuff and my latest project is the zodiac. I'm sure there are millions of cafepress owners with zodiac designs but we like horoscopes and zodiac signs so why the hell not? It's going to take awhile for that section to open, it's taking some work since there are 12 signs.

So far we have sold a total of 6 items. Five T-shirts and one print. I'm really hoping to get the photography section going more. I just love it. I've always loved photograhy and now I can actually have a purpose with it. I'm so excited for the leaves on the trees to start turning, I can take some beautiful pictures here in Duluth on the hills in the fall, or anytime of year for that matter. Awhile back on one of our hikes and I was taking pictures, the others would make comments about me taking pictures, but once Trevor seen them on items, he thought it was very nice. And i'm like "see"? I know what i'm doing LOL

Well, another day....time to go get kids ready for the school bus...

Until next time...

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