Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wow, it's been a busy couple days with the release of some new items and t-shirt colors here at Cafepress.  It's exciting when new colors come out yet I'm somewhat disapointed that they haven't yet came out with a tank top for men especially considering we mostly deal with bodybuilding designs and that would be a great seller for us. Even if they came out with more colors for the sleeveless tees, that would be so nice too. So anyway, it's been busy revamping everything, adding the new colors. I'm also using the time to check everything in the shop, descriptions, names and all that fun stuff.

Our new stuff includes:

Dark T-Shirts: Red, Royal, Brown, Charcoal

Light T-Shirts: Natural, Light-Blue

Women's Dark T-Shirts: Red, Caribbean Blue, Violet

Women's Light T-Shirt: Light Yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink

Women's V-Neck T-Shirt: White

Women's Dark V-Neck T-Shirt: Black, Heather Grey

They sure seem to gear more towards the woman.  They have a lot more options then the men do.

Well, this one is short, quick and sweet. Just an update on what is happening with me.  Be sure to come to our shop and check out the new colors.  I think my favorite thus far is the heather grey on the woman's v-neck. 




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